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Are you looking to grow your business, increase profits, streamline your processes, and gain insight into the automotive industry? Our Team at ESi, Educational Seminars Institute, have a lifetime of hands-on, real-world auto repair shop experience of teaching and coaching in the business, and are here to impart their knowledge through our monthly blogs, just for you. Each member of Esi, Educational Seminars Institute, comes to you with an attitude of servitude. ESi, Educational Seminars Institute is your premier educational institute to turn to when you are ready to take your business to the next level. If you are looking for social media marketing help or a business coach in the automotive industry that has the knowledge and experience to help you rekindle your passion, turn to the experts at ESi. We pride ourselves in helping you gain control of your business and require no contract for our services. Call us at 866-526-3039 or schedule an appointment today, and we will help reconnect you with your why and your passion.



    Monday 12 January 2009

    There are 2 first opportunities that are key in attracting and securing good customers in business: advertising, formally or by referral, and phone inquiry (''I passed by your shop today and have been looking for a good repair shop'', ''I spotted your ad in the paper and need some work done'', ''My friend told me about you….'', and on and on). Regardless of how prospects find you, most often, your first personal contact with them will be by phone. The phone is our connectio... read more

  • True Flat Rate ....How True is Yours?

    Tuesday 16 December 2008

    Working to maintain adequate business performance today while endeavoring to grow to keep up with rising costs can be a business owner's toughest struggle. The greatest challenge in achieving both goals can be in deciding which areas of business need special attention for the moment and how to give that attention adequately. The performance of any business largely relies on maintaining balance in a combination of 4 key components: skillful staff, adequate work environment a... read more


    Friday 05 December 2008

    ARE ALL EMPLOYEES CREATED EQUAL? Just as important as acknowledging that 'all men are created equal' is acknowledging that all employees are not, or, at least, not where skills and job performance are concerned. As job success relies largely upon the success of technology and equipment provided by people seeking to customize for the individual yet diversify for the majority, ‘accomplishing’ can be a test more often than a task. Anyone who works with equipment where the word... read more

  • Interesting Article on Advertising

    Thursday 04 December 2008

    Hello Everyone,
    A client sent me this link and I thought it had an important message, please take a minute to follow this link and read the article written by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad series of books. I don't feel you have to have the biggest ad, but you need to put your name in front of your clients and potential clients consistently. Top of mind awareness is crucial. This is not the time to be lowering or eliminating your advertising budget... read more

  • Communication is the key to successful shop managment

    Wednesday 26 November 2008

    Educational Seminars Institute (ESi) Provides Automotive Management Solutions for all types of Repair facilities located across the USA. The one thing that all the repair shops I visit seem to have in common is the lack of effective communication. This lack of communication affects everyone from the technicians to the customers. As the owners and managers we can’t understand why our employees can’t read our minds. We expect certain things to be done in a certain way but we... read more

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