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Phone Coaching Programs

So, you’ve decided that you need help and you’re ready to move forward, what is the next step? You know that the additional costs normally associated with coming to your facility monthly could be more than makes sense, so now what? You may also feel that being tied into a long term contract is NOT how you think any company should do business!

Educational Seminars Institute (ESi) has the answer! The ESi Phone Consulting Program! This program starts with an in depth evaluation of your business through your P&L’s, and moves on to your specific issues, then current issues that may be effecting your bottom line. Weekly we’ll have one of our automotive trained business consultant / coaches call you to cover those issues and more. A scheduled day and hour, every week* so that you can plan your week/day around the call, allowing you to make the most from it. Not only can you talk about what is bothering you or ask any business related questions you may have, additionally the coach will also cover areas like;

  • Proper Hourly Rate—by setting your hourly rate according to your actual cost of doing business you get a rate that is based on your business expenses, not what you think you need. Quantifiable, factual and checked quarterly to make sure you are making money.
  • Monthly Profit & Loss Statement (P&L) Analysis—by overseeing the numbers through your P&L’s you get quantifiable, factual analysis of items like;
    • Gross Profit-vital to the health of your business and what pays the bills
    • Technician Productivity—an important part of knowledge helping in factual based decisions for hiring &/or Termination of your Technical staff
    • Service Writer Effectiveness—is your Service Writer selling to potential? Is he/she getting the ammunition from the Technicians?
    • Car Count—do you have enough vehicles coming in the doors, or do you have too many? Only accurately defined Car Count will tell you for sure
    • Average Repair Order (ARO) in both Hours and Dollars—is the entire Team working together to bring these numbers within industry standards or higher?
  • Identifying/Creating Needed Policies & Procedures—without proper policies and procedures there is no consistency in Customer Service or Repair Procedures. Lack of well thought out policies & procedures will always cost the facility and everyone employed by it money!
  • Proper Gross Profit (G/P)—without the knowledge of what the proper G/P goals are and why they are what they are, the shop loses. We will train your Team in what the goals are, where those goals come from and what drives those numbers up or down.
  • Assist in Hiring & Terminating Employees—unless you know who and why to hire, you end up with a revolving door of employees, and when it comes time to terminate, we help guide you in the proper procedures. Know when to hire, know what to ask, know when and how to terminate with less chance of recourse.
  • Assist in Marketing—through our years of Automotive Consulting, we have seen enough forms of Marketing to have a good idea as to what works, and what may not. That experience combined with multiple associates specializing in Marketing should help give you an edge over your competition!
  • Business Sounding Board—everyone at some time or another needs someone to talk “business” with. We can give you experience based opinions without the fear of rejection or confidentiality issues you might normally experience with virtually any Automotive Business thought or idea.
  • Payroll Programs—unless and until we can motivate your employees to be more productive, the income will probably never change much. Through a completely tailor-able Gross Pay Bonus program we now can motivate every employee in your business to be more productive! From the Technicians to the Service Writer(s) to the clean-up person, everyone wins, including the business!

In short, you have a consultant/coach assisting you at every level of your business every week. Isn’t it worth giving up 1 hour a week to gain all the experience our consultant/coaches have to offer? We are offering you the experience of our being in sometimes, hundreds of facilities probably very similar to yours for a very low monthly fee. And in most cases this monthly fee is less than you’ll pay a part time clean up person. Ask about this phone option and see if it is right for you.

*Some dates & times may occasionally require change!!

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