• Open door policy with employees

    Thursday 24 June 2010

    Talking to clearly communicate your intentions is not just a workplace practice, it’s a real job. How you deliver your message implies the response you are seeking from your recipient. Your attitude behind the words can tell someone that you’re looking to blame, when you’re really just frustrated and looking for help. Each exchange has its own level of intensity, so each one risks potential loss or gain in efforts to truly achieve the goals targeted for the encounter. How the words ar... read more

  • Time Management and Productivity

    Thursday 24 June 2010

    A simple improvement in daily productivity can result in a substantial increase over the course of a month. Let’s do the math based on 3 technicians working 8 hours a day. Your inventory labor is 24 hours of billable time each day and, in a perfect world, the shop will bill 24 hours. The question is, “How many perfect days do any of us ever really have?” We average about 72% productivity across the nation, which an 8-hour day tabs out to billing only 5.75 hours! If you are within the... read more

  • How to get away

    Thursday 24 June 2010

    For too many business owners today, the idea of jumping ship and heading out the door for a week’s vacation is unheard of. After all, there’s a business to run and that’s already a full-time job and a half! Somebody’s got to make sure the cars go out, the money comes in, the bills get paid, and the uniform man gets handled along with the plumber, the oil distributor, and the tool guy, too! So, how can it be possible to drop everything and take some time off? Let’s take a pe... read more

  • Look at Your Business Through Critical Eyes

    Thursday 24 June 2010

    Last issue, we discussed long-term problems that are occurring on both sides of the automobile. These include customer apathy, the higher complexity and lower service requirements of today’s cars, and the fact that cars, customers, and employees have changed, but too many repair shop owners and managers have not. So, how do you fix the business? It starts with you! Look at your business through critical eyes. Better yet, hire someone to be very honest with you about it all... read more


    Monday 12 January 2009

    There are 2 first opportunities that are key in attracting and securing good customers in business: advertising, formally or by referral, and phone inquiry (''I passed by your shop today and have been looking for a good repair shop'', ''I spotted your ad in the paper and need some work done'', ''My friend told me about you….'', and on and on). Regardless of how prospects find you, most often, your first personal contact with them will be by phone. The phone is our connectio... read more

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