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With decades of automotive coaching and experience within the automotive industry, each member of Team ESi prides ourselves in our honesty, depth of knowledge, integrity, and expertise through our free webinar series. When you are ready to gain control of your business, ESi, Educational Seminars Institute, is your premier source for service advisor training, automotive coaching, and auto repair management consulting. Each member of ESi, Educational Seminars Institute, comes to you with an attitude of servitude. ESi, Educational Seminars Institute is your premier educational institute to turn to when you are ready to take your business to the next level. If you are looking for social media marketing help or a business coach in the automotive industry that has the knowledge and experience to help you rekindle your passion, turn to the experts at ESi. We pride ourselves in helping you gain control of your business, turn a profit, and require no contract for our services. When you are ready to gain control of your business, ESi, Educational Seminars Institute, is your premier source for service advisor training, automotive coaching, and auto repair management consulting. Call us at 866-526-3039 or schedule an appointment today.

Recorded Webinars:

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The Four Keys to Getting More Things Done in Your Business
You know you need to do more work ON your business, but do you struggle to find the time to do so regularly? If so, this workshop is for you. You will learn about the 4 keys and how to apply them easily so you can get more things done on a weekly basis. Proper planning and focus are just part of the process that will be covered.
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How to Handle Stressed-out Customers: A Guide to Helping our SA and Other Front-line Staff
These are challenging times and everyone is feeling the impact. Some people deal with it better than others. When the ones who aren't dealing with it well come into our shops, how can we help our front-line staff help them? We will take a look at some examples and share tactics and some simple ways of turning things around before they even start heading south. Many people are scared and frustrated and we can help ease some of that for them if our staff knows what to do.
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The Net Profit Crisis
Net profit is the money that ensures the future of your business. In times of crisis, net profit is the money that supports the continuation of business. In addition, net profit leads to less stress, better health, and a positive environment. This webinar will illustrate the importance of focusing on the correct net profit.
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Ramping (Back) Up – Adapting For a New Normal
We have just come through one of the biggest challenges in our lifetime. Whether you were closed or open during the Stay-in-place mandate, business and peoples’ attitudes are not the same. In this session, we will address several things to do to quickly ramp up your business and how to adapt to the new normal.
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Confident Selling
What’s the difference between a Service Writer selling 50% and one that sells 90% of their attempted sales? In short, Confidence! Confidence selling is the key to most GREAT sales individuals. Join Team ESi for a class in Confidence selling, the Techniques, the Attitude, and the results you should expect.
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Profit Strategy Influencers
You need to understand the realities of what really affects your profits. Every decision is influenced by something. Frequently those influences have a negative impact on profit. This webinar will focus on properly pricing labor and parts sales. With an emphasis on making positive influencers a priority.
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Simple SOP’s
Facing the need to create a set of complete Standard Operating Procedures for any business can be overwhelming. It’s easy to put off, but at this time in history, we have been shown just how important it is to be well prepared. This webinar will break it down into simple, actionable steps. We won’t sugar coat it, though, because we know how much effort goes into an SOP. We want to give you the tools and encouragement you need to start to take this seriously without falling into the rabbit hole of overwhelm.
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Close One More Sale a Day
While it may seem impossible to make one more sale a day. The evidence is most stores could easily make another sale and realize improvements in all the critical key performance indicators we measure. This webinar looks at the opportunity and benefits of closing one more sale a day.
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Handling the Phone Shopper
Everyone seems to be struggling with the number of phone calls you get every day asking for a price. The customer today is better informed and in many cases has the same information you do about the repair of their car. We'll explore some different ideas and procedures to get back to the value of the service you perform and to build relationships with these telephone shoppers. Convert the callers into customers. Learn how to build trust. Build value before the car is in the shop. Why quoting price is not always a good thing. Understand your differential and how to use it. Use Constative and Relationship selling to build trust.
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The Vehicle is fixed. Now what?
Fixing/servicing a vehicle is the easy part. (Really! It is!) The tougher part is how to impress the customer so much they will always come back to you and refer you to others. In this workshop we explore the various methods of giving that little extra, creating a great experience, and keeping your shop “top of mind” of your customers. The goal is to make your shop a “habit” for your customers to return again and again.
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Creating a Powerful Shop Culture Guide
You want your shop to be a representation of you and your values. When you create a Culture Guide, your team will have a clear direction on what that looks like in action every day on the shop floor. This webinar will break it down into actionable steps with an outline to give you the incentive to get this critical aspect of your business completed.
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Motivation Through Discipline
In this workshop, you will learn a simple and unique way to motivate your employees to adhere to the company rules and policies when they don’t follow them. Internal motivation is the key. No more telling/yelling at them, threatening them with penalties or dismissal. You will be amazed at how easy this process is and how positively your employees will respond.
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Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something!
All the knowledge in the world cannot make it happen. You must get up and take the 1st step, write the 1st word, drive the 1st nail. Our world is paralyzed by great ideas but not the discipline to implement them. Knowledge is not the power we seek; implementation of the knowledge we already have is the key to success. The most successful business owners have had the discipline to take the 1st step.
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11.5 Ways to Massively Increase Your Business In The Next 90 Days
Is your business a bit stagnant? Are you suffering from the Shutdown? Is your ARO starting to sag because you see the same cars over and over? Maybe it’s time to do some serious marketing to increase business and bring in some new customers. In this workshop, we will review just how to grow business in a big way and very quickly.
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Building Decision Makers
Ever wish your staff made better decisions? Or made a decision at all? Making decisions is a skill set that must be developed. Join us as we discover how to make ourselves and our staff better decision-makers! 6 tips to coach your staff on making better decisions.
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The Secrets Of Building A Great Team
What does it take to build a great team? You know, the team that works hard together, accomplishes much, has fun in the process, and looks forward to being together every day? In this workshop, we will go over the secrets of building that team in your business.
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