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Educational Seminars Institute (ESi) is the forerunner in providing the independent repair shop with up-to-date full-facility training for the management team and personnel. Throughout its 35 years in business training, ESi has been responsible for creating several innovative training programs, including: Professional Business Development, Advanced Professional Business Development, Service Writers School of America and In Shop Training and Support. While many other companies have tried to imitate these highly successful classes, none have achieved the success rate or accolades that ESi has. All of the ESi training programs target development strategies that fine tune and produce professional skills in automotive business owners and their employees. We tailor our trainings to fit your individual repair shop to help you achieve higher levels of success.

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10 Dirty little secrets for shop owners - Educational Seminars Institute

The expert consultants at Educational Seminars Institute will share with you some of the methods they normally charge to reveal to clients.

no long term contracts ESi Will NEVER Lock You in with Long-Term Contracts!

ESi started with no contracts in 1984 and has never asked any client to sign on the dotted line. Why? Because we have always believed that if we do our job training and coaching you, there is no need to lock you in, you'll stay because you are getting results.

We know there are many coaching/consulting companies available to the automotive repair facility owner. Many teach approximately the same message and let's say most get through to you. How do you decide who to use? It's easy, take a look at who needs contracts or long-term leases to keep you locked into their company, and walk away!

Working with the coaches at ESi will give you peace of mind.

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Have you found yourself asking why you are not closing the sale? Or why your average repair order is not increasing? Is your car count too high (or too low), and you aren’t billing the labor time you should? Why isn’t the phone ringing as often? Or why are other shop’s parking lots full while yours is not? The automotive coaching professionals at ESi, Educational Seminars Institute are here to help you turn things around in your business. With service advisor training, automotive coaching, and social media marketing, you, too, can become profitable, increase your RO’s, and grow your client base with the help of the experts at ESi, Educational Seminars Institute on your team.

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If you get up for work each morning and you feel lost as to why you are jumping back into the grind and have lost your passion for the industry that you love, it is time to call in the automotive coaching reinforcements for automotive management training and social media marketing to boost your ratings. Each member of ESi, Educational Seminars Institute, has the attitude of servitude and comes to you with decades of automotive experience; we have walked in your shoes. We are here to support you and your business in every way to increase profits and help bring back the passion that got you started in the industry.

"I can take a two week vacation and see no decrease in business, I make more money (even after figuring the fees for the program), my wife likes me better, and I have happier employees. I would recommend their classes and their service to anyone in this business, whether a 50 year veteran or a brand new shop."
Orinda Motors logoAllen P., Orinda Motors
"Maylan and Ray don't just talk the talk- they both are on the front line, so their information is relevant and current."
Scott M., Parkland Transmission
"I can say now, with complete and honest sincerity that without Jim and Maylan’s direction, follow through and personal desire to see us succeed, Machado’s Auto Care would not have lasted through that first year. I could not recommend them to you more."
Rich and Joy M., Machado’s Auto Care
"Through the continued efforts of Educational Seminars Institute, I am learning each and every day how to improve the business. The shop looks better, productivity is up, sales are up, gross profits are up and my awareness is up. I know that the sky is the limit and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us. Thank you for your continued support."
Tracy R., Gene’s Auto Repair
"Maylan Newton made the class fun and informative. The month after our classes, our gross profit increased 5% and our overall sales were up $15,000.00. We will be attending more seminars in the future!"
Jack C., Fisk Automotive
"I firmly believe, if you want your business to provide for you and your family, than you owe it to yourself to join Educational Seminars Institute."
Bob C., Forest Hill Auto Service
"ESI’s Service Writer School is a unique program that improved our bottom line immediately while teaching my Service Writers how to create satisfied customers. I believe that every shop can benefit from this in depth program, especially those who are not making the profits they deserve."
Larry M., Larry’s Autoworks

We pride ourselves in helping you gain control of your business and require no contract for our services. Call us at 866-526-3039 or schedule an appointment today, and we will help reconnect you with your why, your passion, and help you turn a profit.

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