Service Writer School of America

Proclaimed the #1 authority in the training of Professional Sales and Customer Service Personnel across the country.

A skills development course for the automotive professional with a passion for Maximum Sales Success.

What's Service Writers School all about?

This highly acclaimed training course was introduced in 1989 by ESi. Today it is still the leader in training and fine tuning professional and successful sales team. Taught by the industry's number one authorities in sales and business management, this intense course trains your team in the skillful use of sales techniques and personal presentation. Instruction and exercises focus on pursuing maximum profitability and quality customer service, as well as help your sales professionals achieve personal and professional goals. Whether your goal is to train the sales beginner, fine tune the seasoned professional, or if you’re just tired of not making the money you know you should in your business, this course will prove to be your best investment yet!

What's on the program for this class session?

Training covers the following areas of professional sales and customer service:

Photo School
  • Estimating
  • Effective Sales Techniques
  • Self Motivation
  • Getting Paid for Diagnosis Time
  • Personal Presentation
  • Organizing the Estimate
  • Customer Service and Customer Relations
  • Handling Objections
  • Repair Order Dispatching
  • Phone Sales
  • Handling Dealer Price Quotes
  • Productivity
  • Review of the Repair Order
  • Communication
  • Closing the Sale
  • Bureau of Automotive Basic Rules and Regulations (California Only)
  • Using Financial Formulas for Sales Accuracy

Knowledge + High Self Esteem = Personal Power

Knowledge comes through Training and High Self Esteem through accomplishment and a better understanding of one's role in the workplace.

This program is dedicated to the training needed to provide both.


  • Getting paid for diagnosis time.
    Get paid for WHAT YOU KNOW and WHAT YOU DO!
  • Handling objections.
    The #1 fear in sales. Learn what it takes to get a YES from your customer for that repair.


  • Phone Sales.
    The challenge is to convert the caller to buyer. Learn how to convert callers to customers through effective phone communication.


  • Bureau of Automotive Repair Basics.
    We cover the specific documentation needed to meet basic BAR requirements. We teach you how to write it right--(California only).


  • Handling dealer price quotes.
    Learn how to counteract what the dealers are saying to our customers.


  • Closing the sale.
    One of the hardest tasks for the Sales Professional. Learn how to ask for the money, and learn how to use positive techniques for closing the sale every time.


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