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Hiring is a hassle, right? What you should ask, what you can ask, what should you avoid…..it’s all so confusing! ESi has looked at all the techniques and skills that we’ve taught for over 20 years and assembled them into this unique Hiring CD. This CD not only provides you with the answers to most of those questions, but it also gives you tests and valuable information you should know when looking to hire a new employee. Hire with confidence, hire with skill, and know who would & who would NOT make a good employee BEFORE you hire them! A variety of tools to help you make a knowledgeable hiring decision.



  • This CD includes:
  • Skills assessment test
  • Performance reviews
  • Math test
  • Job descriptions
  • Interview help
  • Workflow and responsibility
  • Policy & Procedures
  • Employee manual sample
  • Hiring web sites
  • Resources




Product Code: HIRING

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