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In-Shop Training Support Programs


So you learned a lot of valuable skills during your last Professional Business Development class, but you just don’t have the time to implement them…now what? Simple, the In-Shop Training Support (I.T.S.) Program—that’s right, I said simple, and I meant it. This innovative program is designed to work with you at your pace, and focuses on teaching you how to take personal advantage of initiating strategies to achieve your business goals. Your needs for individual attention are IMPORTANT to us. Every shop progresses at their own pace, and priorities surface accordingly. More often than not, it's accomplishing the little tasks in our daily routine that make the biggest difference in our attitudes, performance and “bottom line” goals.

With the I.T.S. Program, our ESi personnel will work with you, one-on-one, to help you get the strategies in place to experience victories. Help with shop meetings, with employee problems, with hiring, with firing and with making the numbers work. Help with the advertising, planning and goal setting. Help prioritizing and preventing reoccurring concerns. I.T.S. has been developed with these specific goals in mind—enabling you to not only develop the “game plan,” but to also give attention to detail in your business decisions and activities on a regular basis; to assist you in integrating strategies within the daily routine; and to help you experience the victories and accomplish the goals you have set.


I.T.S. is dedicated to helping you prioritize, not compromise, to get the vital tasks handled. It's your opportunity to take advantage of the common ground solutions to industry wide problems and custom fit their application to your shop's needs! Experiencing victories and accomplishing goals you've set forth are the keys to staying motivated and succeeding.

The single most common cry of small business America has forever been "I just can't get it all done!" and the independent repair shop is no exception. The challenges to achieve all that should take place can overwhelm our day and then go home with us at night. Many times, although we are hard pressed to admit it, we need help to make things happen. Don’t keep wishing for this kind of help, just ask us!

What's scheduled for In-Shop Training Support day?

First and foremost it’s important to understand the way we'll spend your time is going to be up to you. If you’re frustrated in not reaching the full potential of your business and running out of time, In-shop Training Support can help.

The list of important tasks and projects will always be never ending, but getting started is the key to progress. The following are just some of those tasks that can be costly when left unattended, yet make the biggest difference in maximizing potential:

Profit & Loss Analysis

Does your P & L statement work for you? A properly constructed P & L is a vital tool to help you achieve your gross and net profit goals. We help you know how to use them to establish trends within your business, and make sure they are any easy-to-read tool to manage your business from.

Repair Order Flow

Is your progress stunted by the poor repair order travel? Want to make things run smoother, better and faster? We'll target the items shops commonly spend too much time on and make changes that will help speed the processes and ultimately increase productivity.

Shop Rate Calculations

Is your required hourly rate current and your effective shop rate correct? Shop rate calculation is another task that impacts your “bottom line” goals. Taking the needed time to "do the math" is critical; let I.T.S. help.

Employee Relations

Happy employees are vital to your shops success. We’ll help you with employee manuals, employee morale, policies and procedures, shop meetings, self-directed teams, bonus and incentive plans designed to make your facility a more effective producer, and much more.

Fine Tune Skills in Service Writers & Managers

Experience the one-on-one training available with sales and management teams. Teach your Team to be better communicators and become more productive

Goal Strategies

Have the help you need with deciding what your goals should be to achieve what you want. Then initiate the plan to get you there.

Professional Business Development Follow Up

Let I.T.S. help you plan and support the strategies learned in the training courses.

Remember: Higher Productivity = Higher Profits

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