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  • Marketing for the New Millennium

    Monday 21 May 2012

    “If it worked yesterday it should work tomorrow, right?” If there is one thing that we do know, it’s that just because it worked yesterday doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow. So with so many mediums to choose from; Internet, Direct Mail, TV, Radio, Reputational, Phone, Text….well the list goes on and on, how do you choose? The choice sometimes boils down to simple basics, the area demographics, but most often it is not that simple. To help you in your choice of... read more

  • What makes one owner successful, while another struggles?

    Tuesday 06 March 2012

    WOW…….we just returned from a month of trade shows all over the country. And after having spoken to hundreds of shop owners in the last 30 days and heard a variety of concerns and opinions about their business. Trying to evaluate all the information, we started looking at what makes one owner successful, while another struggles. Taking that thought process a step further we looked at establishing a categorization process for Shop Owners. The following is a summarization as to the five... read more

  • Confident Selling and You - Do You Believe?

    Tuesday 01 November 2011

    When I first started selling automotive service I was always puzzled by why some customers bought and others did not. At first I thought it was that they did not need what I was selling, but the more I became a student of my position I realized that everyone who I came in contact with needed what I was selling; their car fixed. They did not get up in the morning and say “I have nothing better to do today so I’m going to take my car to the repair shop!” So when I came to realize that I... read more

  • Succession Planning

    Monday 01 August 2011

    This month we are going to task about something that makes most of us very uncomfortable… What happens to our business when something bad happens? Anytime we bring this subject up most people tune us out, because we have never given any thought to the idea that we may not going to be in business tomorrow. Part of what makes us Automotive Business owners is the personality type that we are invincible. Succession planning is something we all need to have discussed, and have a plan in pl... read more

  • Good Sales?

    Thursday 24 June 2010

    America’s true entrepreneurs today display through every type of advertisement an eagerness to meet the challenge to be the best at what they do. Once prospects accept your invitation to try your business, the results will ultimately be justified through these means: applying four very basic yet critical strategies in the four rules of business. Your ultimate goal must always target a customer encounter that will leave both you and your customer beaming with gratitude for the experien... read more

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